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What appliance uses the most "stand by" energy? OR I have 1 mini plug, what should I connect to it?

I'm just getting started with getting the house automated. I currently only have 1 tp link mini plug. What should I connect to it? As money comes in we will get more plugs. OH, my washer, dryer and deep freezer are outside in the garage, do I need to have an "outdoor" smart plug for those appliances, if not, what plug do I need for those? The tpLink Mini only says its for small appliances, so I'm hesitant to plug my fridge into it.


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    @evelyndegallery, the HS-105 TP-Link Mini will handle up to 15 amps, so your refrigerator should be fine unless you have a walk-in. The only other concern, of course, is whether your participation times would ever jeopardize your food if there was was a failure to turn back on. If you might ever be away more than 3 hours after the end of an OH, there is some risk.

    Next to the fridge, my biggest user in standby mode is my furnace; the combination of its internal electronics and the power it provides to run the thermostat is something like 35W.

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