Why not allow members an option to have their points go directly to paypal?

BstringBstring North SD County CoastalMember Posts: 84

With the delay and added work of verifying high paypal cash-outs, why not allow for points to go directly to paypal when they are awarded? How about a job that runs every night at midnight any positive point balance gets sent to paypal? This would keep the overhead low and satisfaction high, right?


  • dhoffman33dhoffman33 Member Posts: 8

    Like many companies, they profit when people forget to cash out. This will not change.

  • shawn-kleinsmithshawn-kleinsmith Member Posts: 23

    If you do not cash out, they keep the cash on their books and make interest on it = $... so why would they do auto cash outs?

  • BstringBstring North SD County CoastalMember Posts: 84

    It doesn't have to be a default action. Ohm Connect could do it for those who request it.

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