Ohm Hour results different than SCE's data

Anyone's Ohm hour results differ from SCE'? This has happened at least 3 times now.

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  • mkonakovmkonakov Member Posts: 3

    Same here, happened for the second time over the last 3 OhmHours.

  • DarrenTDarrenT Member Posts: 62
    edited September 2018

    Yep, my 8/24 OhmHour says I used exactly as much energy as my forecast.

    It kept my streak (which is a plus), but I flipped the breakers like usual...so that's 3kwh+ that I didn't get points for. Both the usage graph through "My Account" on SCE's site and the downloaded Green Button data for 8/24 8-9PM window show 0 usage.

    @Anh, OhmConnect Any update on the data issues for SCE? I see the Known Issues was last updated 9/6 saying you're still waiting on data from 8/13 - 8/30.

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