Simplest ways to talk to TP-Link smartplugs

I don't like bloated apps so if I just need to use the Kasa app once to set up the smartplugs in the cloud, and can get away with something much simpler the rest of the time, then that's great. The Kasa app is over 90M...

Smaller apps that will also control the smartplugs are Google Assistant (kinda 0M cuz folks will have it anyway), IFTTT (7M), and AnyMote (14M).

Google Assistant seems intermittent. Sometimes instead of turning off the smartplug it will think you wanna do a google search of the phrase you just spoke. Usually that can be solved by having bookmarked... Chrome and reloading it, then repeating the Google Assistant voice command.

IFTTT works by integrating with the (IFTTT) OhmConnect service (or for really simple, the Button widget service) and the (IFTTT) TP-Link Kasa service.

AnyMote is an interesting one. Rather than talking to the cloud, it can just talk to your local network if your phone and smartplug are both connected to it. Usually by logging into your local network you can see the smartplug's IP address. Enter that along with port 9999 into Anymote, and you can turn the smartplug on or off when you're home.
Another that I recall works similarly is My Local TPLink Smart Plug Basic Control.

There's more that use the cloud. Yonomi (7M) is one, What are some others?

Also has anyone found an app other than Kasa that can read the smartplug monitoring data?


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    Do you have a 16 GB iPhone 4? The KASA app is the way I go. I have no issues with phone storage. 90 MB is a drop in a bucket compared to my free space.

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    Thanks for the reply!

    It's not so much that I fear running out of internal storage. It's that large apps are a sign of a crappy app development team and a crappy inefficient app. I had Yonami installed for a day or two and it did basically the same thing, so if it could do it with a 7 MB app, then what the heck are the other 83 MB within the Kasa app doing? (likely answer: bloating all of the system not just storage, eating the battery, who knows what re privacy, etc)

    So anyway I do reluctantly use Kasa but I put it on a tablet I hardly use. AFAIK Kasa is the only app that'll read the energy monitoring data from an HS110, but even that it does "wrong" in the sense that it won't log it nor let the user set a time period. There's Python and (Windows) PowerShell code to achieve that, free, thanks to bloggers on the internet -- it's less than 100 lines of code.

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    BTW my interest in the energy monitoring is kinda "out there". If you plug say a lamp into the HS110 that would normally be always on, but then you use the HS110 to turn it off for an hour every day, it's pretty simple -- you go from using 24 "units" a day to 23.

    I wanna know about the refrigerator. Like any thermostat-controlled device, sometimes it's off even when it's plugged in. The designers make sure the cycle isn't ridiculously small cuz it would make no sense to have the thermostat turn it off for 5 seconds then on for 5 seconds, repeatedly, for example. By introducing an HS110 in addition to the thermostat, it really gets complicated.

    Point being, if you have the HS110 shutting it off for that hour I wrote about in my first paragraph, you won't go from 24 to 23. It'll be maybe 23.5, cuz the first hour it's back on, it'll have to work a lot harder (the thermostat won't turn it off as much) to make up for all those 60 minutes the HS110 had it turned off.

    Another way to look at it is re Time-of-Use billing. The highest rates are 2-8. If all other things are equal and you're okay turning the refrigerator off for an hour, obviously you should choose the 7-8 hour, so when it has to work harder when the HS110 turns it back on, that "work harder period" would be sometime after 8 when the rates have dropped.

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    @SmartMeterHouse said:
    has anyone found an app other than Kasa that can read the smartplug monitoring data?

    Successfully tested on Windows7...

    Also there's a new Android app with a very cool solution, PlugMonitor...
    ...but I can't get the monitoring to work (it toggles the HS110 just fine tho, so semi-promising). If you succeed, post your Success Report so others will keep trying.

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