Looking for new buddy in Antioch

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I'm trying to find a new buddy living near me in Antioch, Ca zip code 94509. If you are looking for a buddy and live near me, please add me as your buddy. My user name is ladydi5150


  • @ladydi5150 Please make a post here so you have more success.

  • @ladydi5150 Or this page here

  • John KJohn K Lake Forest - Hikers and Bikers TeamMember Posts: 585
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    @Anh, OhmConnect, since you have moderator tools, why don't you just merge all of the buddy threads? Moderators no longer seem to be doing moderator stuff.

  • @John K we can't merge conversations, unfortunately. would make this forum less messy if we could

  • John KJohn K Lake Forest - Hikers and Bikers TeamMember Posts: 585
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    @Anh, OhmConnect, unless the s/w has changed, you, as a moderator, can merge, move, or delete posts. Get somebody to show you how. As you indicate, it is now a mess.

    @AKPsi BAAC Chapter, I assume you still have your moderator credentials. Can you show Anh the ropes offline?

  • @John K I'm an administrator and we can't merge anything. We can move a conversation to the appropriate category but we can't merge threads.

  • Heather R. WeatherHeather R. Weather Member Posts: 125

    maybe @W94565 ? been posting a lot and that zip code is near-ish. @Anh, OhmConnect can you tell me the zip code distance radius to be able to be buddies? Been wondering.

  • @Heather R. Weather We don't have the actual mapping of that because each area of neighborhoods are sectioned off differently (kind of like school districts with neighborhoods) per utility company. They don't share that information or mapping openly, we do courage people within 5 mile radius because you will have a better chance of getting the same OhmHour days. The further they are, the harder it is to pair users that is logical for them gain in buddy points.

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