New Prize Ohm Hours

I saw the Facebook video about the new prize ohm hours. You don't get any points for these. All you get is an entry into the prize drawing. Me, personally...I would rather have the points. I think users should be given the option during one of these prize ohm hours to choose either points or a prize drawing entry.


  • SunnieSunnie Member Posts: 4

    I completely agree. I've worked really hard to maintain my streak bonus (at 89 which gives me a 445% bonus). Yesterday I found out my neighbor (who I referred) was awarded points for our last Ohm, while all I got was an entry into the prize drawing. It leads me to believe that Ohm is using these prize drawings as a way to cut back on their payouts to their most loyal customers. Aside from that, it doesn't seem right that even though it's a prize drawing, we're still held accountable to maintain our streak, but are in no way rewarded for it. :angry:

  • JeffoffJeffoff Member Posts: 14
    I agree, the prize should be in addition to points. Or, members should able select which option they want, or a third option which could be a combination of both options. Like enter with no points for large prizes, or still get points and also be entered into contest for smaller prizes.
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