Are you getting all the tokens you are expecting from daily log ins and/or buddy messaging?

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I've been experiencing issues with not getting all my daily log in tokens and/or buddy message tokens. I've contacted OC several times. Each time OC adjusts my tokens but the problems still remain. This has been an issue for me since I started OC over a year ago. Each time OC tells me that it is being looked into. Yesterday I got a message from OC asking me to post this issue in the hopes that if others are also experiencing this, it can be further investigated. (I was told I was the only person reporting this. I do not think I am an isolated case.) You can check your tallies by clicking on the "Use tokens" (under "Rewards") on home page. After clicking on "Use tokens" the next page says "Token marketplace".. Click "Token History". It will show all your history. On the "Buddy" page under "Activity" all your buddy messages are listed. If you are missing tokens this is where to start.

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    So buddy points are now history and daily token for checking in cannot be visibly timed like it was for buddy chat. At least some game sites tell you how much time until next point earning. And maybe we should consider OC a game...


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    kind of suprised there are no comments

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    I've had issues ,like my platinum going down to bronze having to reconnect my utility, and I had not changed anything. And when my status went down to bronze for I think 2weeks and 5 ohms hours, was never compensated. Another time there was 3 ohms hours that they said they never received the info from my electric company , But I was able to access it, but never received any thing for them. Now it shows I'm at gold and not platinum, I save over 90% every ohmshour so why gold , I think with all there game show contests and trying to get more people involved, they've made themselves to busy and probably spending more money, or there's someone's in the hen house, they should do an audit with an outside book keeping company. Just to check. With the gov funding/grants and everything else they have going, it would be easy for someone to pocket a bit here and there.

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    After checking the log in tokens for several weeks, I believe I've found the probable solution. It appears to me that OC will give one token for logging in on a particular day at least 24 hours after you logged in the previous day. For example, if you log in today at 9:00 AM, you will get one token. But then you have to wait until at least 9:01 AM tomorrow before you get another token. If you log in at 8:59 AM tomorrow, you won't get a token. I'm not 100% sure that's how it works, but I can't find any other plausible explanation. Since OC is operating in multiple time zones, and people are traveling across multiple time zones, it makes some sense why OC would set it up as one token per 24 hours instead of one token per calendar day.

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    thanks for info. This has never been suggested by OC as a solution so could very well be. I generally check in around the same time each day. I will look at things I have a time on to see if this is indeed a solution.

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    @donn14baker However, the fact that I log in daily and message buddy daily and either or both of these actions do not always get credited, would your solution be for either action?

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    @donn14baker --I looked at my last entries with times, buddy chats, and compared the dates I was missing log ins vs chats. Neither seems to be affected by the 24 hour rule. Furthermore, some days I may check in minutes or hours since the last but I might stay on the site until the 24 hour yesterday time has passed. One would think that staying on the site would mean the ckeck in time may be adjusted. Or days when I checked in again hours later. Anyway, it was a good theory but does not seem to fit a pattern here. Thanks for suggestion.

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    I can definitely confirm that buddy messages followed the 24 hour rule as of a few months ago (before they limited the messages to one a day). This actually tends to mean that the time you can do it will drift, since unless you do it at exactly the same time as the previous day, you'll have lost a little time.

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    yesterday I checked in and did a buddy chat and got credit for both at 930 AM. today, 23 hours later, I got my check in but not my buddy chat. So if I send a second message an hour from now, according to this theory, I should get my points...however previous days I would get sometimes both credits, or one or the other, but did not appear to follow a time pattern. And other days I would get no credit. Will see what happens later.

    I created a spread sheet listing the time I sent buddy chat 9and presumably logged in seconds before). the 24 hour thing does seem to be a factor but it still is not consistent. I still have days I earn neither and days I earn one but not both. I am not going to worry about sending the buddy chats more than 24 hours after each other since bringing it to OC attention each (month) has resulted in compensation. Although most of these tokens are worthless, if they are going to offer them for these actions and there is nothing in the search (OC pages) indicating it is based on yesterday's actions, it is really a shame they make us go through hoops like this and can't explain anything. For what it is worth, here is my tally:
    DATE TIME Log in (1) Buddy Chat (5)
    Mar 01
    2 1 5
    3 1 5
    4 1
    5 5
    6 1 5
    7 1
    8 759 1 5
    9 842 5
    10 1007 1 5
    11 903 1
    12 741 1 5
    13 1052 1 5
    14 1025 1
    15 1120 5
    16 755 1
    17 1008 1 5
    18 924
    19 850 1 5
    20 1034 1 5
    21 550
    22 1107 1 5
    23 916
    24 1134 1 5
    25 906
    26 919 1 5
    27 911 1
    28 918 1 5
    29 848 1
    30 1000 1 5
    31 900
    Apr 01 1001 1 5
    2 900 1
    3 906 5
    4 935 1 5
    5 825 1
    6 759 5
    7 829 1 5
    8 813 1
    9 721 5
    10 727 1 5
    11 951 1 5
    12 831 1

    sorry if this doesn't look right, it's how the cut and paste worked.

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    Im not getting daily tokens nor am i able to use my tokens to spin the wheel!
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