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Hey all, I don't think there are lot of users with over 120 streaks in a row. I believe Ohm connect should rewards it's early users and adopters. People who encouraged other people to join and spread the word.
Ohm connect SHOULD NOT take away the streaks for which I'm sure all of us worked hard for last 2 years or so.
Ohm connect at least should keep the streak at the current level with maybe 1% increase every Ohm Hr. That way there's incentive to be in the program.
Even if Ohm connect doesn't get benefit from handful of users but then again these are the users who helped spread the word and are early adopters.
From the blog post it seems like there are lots of users above 120 streaks which I doubt.
The management should definitely look into this.


  • We agree — we want to keep things simple! In fact, one of the biggest reasons we've made the current changes, is so that we can take the funds we are currently giving for streaks, and incentivize the right kind of energy reductions for lots of people, in a way that aligns with how the grid actually pays us. The plan is not to lean solely into prizes and contests — Prize #OhmHours are our way of keeping #OhmHours going during the off season, when we'd otherwise have very few #OhmHours happening.

    Our president Cadir Lee did an AMA on Facebook recently and talked a lot about this. I encourage you to watch it here.

    Thanks again for your comments!

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