Nitpicky Reduction math

The download of the history shows zero for the Prize Ohm hours. My dashboard shows forecast and actual use. To replicate the Forecast and Use summation on my dashboard, I need to manually reenter the usage on the Prize OH to the spreadsheet.

When I do this, I can match my usage, but not my Forecast. How do we get accurate numbers?

If I use the numbers presented on my dashboard, Forecast = 145.54 and Use =35.24 I get reduction of 75.8% (145.54-35.24)/145.54.

The Dashboard says 75%.

Is OC truncating instead of rounding? Is this because of the Status levels requiring 40%, 80% to be over 40% and not 39.5%?


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    @CraigW Please reach out to us by contacting us on the help page. The forum is not a good platform for support staff to properly check your inquiry and records.

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