How so I get a description of how teams work, and what the advantage is if any?

How do teams work and what's the advantage if any?


  • No Pain No GainNo Pain No Gain 93035Member Posts: 404

    As Anh will tell you, it's in the FAQs, but the teams thing needs some work. It's like sitting around with a bunch of people but not being able to talk to them. The messaging doesn't work. When you join a team, it adds up everyone's points so you can see how much the team has saved, but that and $7 will get you a coffee. Report back if your experience is different. They said they've fixed the stuff that was broken, but when I went to check, nothing had changed.

  • victordelpvictordelp Member Posts: 1

    @No Pain No Gain said:
    but that and $7 will get you a coffee

    Is that an expression for "is not worth anything"?

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