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Still in timeout. 4 prize ohm hours in a row. No points in over a month.

BstringBstring North SD County CoastalPosts: 74Member

Anyone else?


  • carmendecarmende Posts: 1Member

    I haven't seen anything about prize ohm hours, but the last ohm hour I can see was October 24th. I'm not sure why everything stopped. I came to the forums in hopes of finding out! (Atlanta, GA)

  • BstringBstring North SD County CoastalPosts: 74Member

    You may want to contact Support directly.

  • Daniel2Daniel2 Posts: 4Member

    Same here, 4 Prize in a row, dropping out and ending my 180 streak if there is a 5th straight prize ohm hour.. I rather earn points..

  • XdatineliaXdatinelia Posts: 38Member
    I had the same till Monday then I got a paid I finally got one this week, so I guess a lot of us were in time out.
  • jennif70jennif70 Posts: 3Member
    I am in the same boat. I have had 4 prize ones and no point opportunities in over a month. I personally rather earn points versus a chance to win a prize.
  • BstringBstring North SD County CoastalPosts: 74Member

    I got 5 in a row now. It would be nice to know more about the algorithm so I could increase my chance of getting a normal OH. I have friends in my area getting points every week.

  • BstringBstring North SD County CoastalPosts: 74Member

    It's really discouraging getting the prize OH notices. I'd rather get a text that says "there won't be one this week and we'll let you know when the next one (real one) is forecast... and you're in a drawing this weekend so we'll let you know if you win". That would be less depressing.

  • ajmandelsaajmandelsa Posts: 6Member

    Well I am at 6 in a row now. I would rather not have an Ohm Hour than one with a prize at this point. I am truly discouraged and have no incentive to continue. Maybe after New Year I will reassess and see if the effort is worth the rewards (or lack there of).

  • BstringBstring North SD County CoastalPosts: 74Member

    Last December, I had 6 Ohm Hours. Not huge amounts, but still kept the enthusiasm. There were also the referral bonuses looking back on my history download. Imagine referring someone now? I'm already having to apologize to people I referred last summer telling them as they get ramped up their rewards will grow. pffff. geez. Don't listen to that guy.

  • John KJohn K Lake Forest - Hikers and Bikers TeamPosts: 554Member

    @Bstring said:
    Don't listen to that guy.

    What guy?

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