No points anymore? Boo!

This was really fun over the summer- we earned 75$ and our streak is up to 28.
Now we earn nothing...but a low chance of winning a prize. I haven't had points in well over a month.
I'm really questioning whether throwing the circuit breaker and sitting in the dark and cold for an hour of our evening is worth it.
I feel like this company got a bunch of us involved and hardcore and then just ripped the rug out from beneath by totally changing the game.

I used to be excited about it and told my friends but now all I say is don't bother starting as it feels like a rip off. The ONLY reason we haven't walked is our streak and our hope things will change back but if not, I'm done.

Sorry was great when you were sharing the that we are doing the work and getting NOTHING....not so much.

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  • @plantmum I understand the incentives are getting lower but that this was a decision that was made by our company, please read our blog about the reasons for this change. I do hope you know your hard work to reduce your carbon footprint is not all for nothing - you are helping out our earth in reducing as much as possible.

  • plantmumplantmum Member Posts: 3
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    I will be leaving. Not only do the prize hours stink but Google "Is it bad to to flip off your circuit breaker".

    I am NOT going to risk damaging my (older) electrical system and/or appliances. An electrician pointed this out to me. Before you answer me please DO the research...I have seen ohm connect answer this before by saying "we were told this would not harm...." But please read the answers to the search and tell me if they are all wrong.

    Thanks and good luck to your company, it was fun while it lasted.
  • fleurmstrfleurmstr Member Posts: 4
    Hey OHM,.Either start giving points again or I am out.
  • fleurmstrfleurmstr Member Posts: 4
    So, I read your blog, OHM. This is just how it is now, Eh?

    Nope. Not interested. I'm done.
  • 3/4 of my last ohm hours have been prize hours. I disabled my account by changing the hours that I can receive ohm hours to none. This way my streak stays in tact and I do not have to participate in any more prize hours.

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    It looks like OhmConnect is in trouble

  • OurTKClassOurTKClass Member Posts: 7
    @sdaec2gm why do you think OC is in trouble?
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