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Does a Renewable Energy Credit company work with ohmconnect?

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  • keltonrealakeltonreala Member Posts: 32

    Arcadia Power doesn't replace your utility. You can definitely use Arcadia Power and use OhmConnect at the same time, I am using both right now. I highly recommend using Arcadia Power to help pay for your utility bills. It is great for saving money, getting credit card rewards benefit without paying a fee, and promoting renewable energy. This is a win-win for everyone involved. Appreciate it if you use my referral if you find this useful:

  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoMember, Moderator Posts: 1,625
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    @keltonreala how exactly does Arcadia work?

    If people sign up with them does Arcadia now bill them, instead of their utility or are there now 2 bills?

    I see a lot of complaints on the BBB about them and deceptive practices.

    I believe they use RECS, right?

    I think this means that if you sign up with Arcadia you will actually be paying more than you would if you simply used your utility, no?

  • XdatineliaXdatinelia Member Posts: 47
    Im not 100% sold yet on this but i appreciate yalls answers. Have a great day..
  • The Bitz BoysThe Bitz Boys Union CityModerator Posts: 1,017
    I read all of the BBB complaints (interesting to me and I want learn to avoid escalations and complaints because I also work for a community solar company). From what I could gather, the cost for the 50% renewable option is the same as your utility; whereas, the 100% comes at a premium cost.
  • keltonrealakeltonreala Member Posts: 32

    @AKPsi BAAC Chapter yes that's right. The 50% wind energy program does not have any surcharge from Arcadia Power. The 100% wind energy program does have a surcharge. Feel free to pick the one that you are comfortable with. I am using the 50% wind energy program right now. I would love to see them make their community solar program better for the consumers. That is something I am very interested to participate in, but the current terms are not very good. What kind of community solar company do you work for? What are some of the options for consumers?

  • OurTKClassOurTKClass Member Posts: 7
    Company was called NRG. The renewable energy division that manages wind as well as community / utility scale solar farms and rooftop solar just split off to become its own standalone company - Clearway Energy. Unfortunately, we do not have any community solar farms in CA. Currently, only in MA, MN and CO with additional projects planned in IL, RI & NY. Too bad we can’t develop any in CA - customers who subscribe to our community solar projects actually save money; whereas, to participate in a community solar program like the one offered by PG&E called “Solar Choice”, customers have to pay a premium. Seems like a tough value proposition to me! So I got rooftop! 😎
  • keltonrealakeltonreala Member Posts: 32

    @OurTKClass The Arcadia Power community solar program currently costs $100 per unit. Participants do save money in the long run, but the return is way too small and takes way too long to realize, so I don't think it's good right now. I have heard that they had promotions in the past where they lowered the cost to $75 per unit. In that case I do think it's worth it. I am waiting to see if they run that promotion or similar promotions again.

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