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Helpful tool to save money on your utility bills and promote renewable energy

I highly recommend using Arcadia Power to help pay for your utility bills. It is great for saving money, getting credit card rewards benefit without paying a fee, and promoting renewable energy. This is a win-win for everyone involved. Appreciate it if you use my referral if you find this useful:



  • keltonrealakeltonreala Member Posts: 32

    @UkiwiS asked a very good question about how Arcadia Power works in a different thread, I will re-post my response here, hopefully this helps answer some of your questions as well:

    You stay with your existing utility company, no need to switch company. Arcadia Power will take over the billing from your utility company, so there will still be only 1 bill. Arcadia Power have 2 wind energy programs. Their free program: they will buy RECS on your behalf for 50% of your energy usage. Using this program, which is the default program, there will be no surcharge from Arcadia. I use this and they charge me exactly the same amount that I see on my utility bill. They do have a paid premium program where they will buy RECS for 100% of your energy usage, but they do charge you a bit for that so I haven't done this yet.

    The small monetary benefit for the consumers is that we get to pay our utility bill to Arcadia using credit card with no fee. So we get the credit card rewards without having to pay the transaction fee. Vast majority of utility companies will allow you to pay by credit card, but with a fee that's higher than what you will earn from most credit cards. The payment is autopay, so it's set and forget, quite easy to setup.

    They also have a community solar program. I was excited to see that but its current implementation isn't that great for consumers so I haven't signed up for that yet.

  • hayjude777hayjude777 Tehachapi Ca.Member Posts: 54
    But if you sign up with Arcadia Power, will you still get the
    same rewards with OHMs Connect?
  • keltonrealakeltonreala Member Posts: 32

    @hayjude777 sorry for late reply, just saw your msg. Yes you can still get the same rewards with OhmConnect. I use both Arcadia Power and OhmConnect right now, both programs can co-exist, they don't interfere with each other.

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