Do Prize OH stop once qualified for top drawing? Prize OH progress only 120 MWh on goal of 1GWh?

Two questions:

Do Prize OH stop once qualified for top drawing?

Prize OH progress only 120 MWh on goal of 1GWh?

In the last two months I've basically had 5 prize hours (tonight is the fifth) and 2 regular point hours.

Ready to cash out and walk away if this is going to continue until summer.


  • CKWMCKWM Fremont, CAMember Posts: 243
    @OhmConnectAdmin, I actually like the idea that once we qualify for the top drawing that we should stop receiving PrizeOhmHours.

    @CraigW, can you imagine how much longer it would take for us to collectively reach the 1GWh goal started opting out the ones who did the best jobs at meeting the PrizeOhmHours? Also, this whole PrizeOhmHour experiment would be one giant speed trap of a user's goal to earning as much money as possible... if they would allow us to have point-OhmHours AFTER we qualified for the top prize.

    I suspect there will be no response and you will just have to like what they give you or you can walk away.

    Again, I do like your idea though.
  • CraigWCraigW Member Posts: 49

    @ckwm, the goal, IMHO, should be measured against all users, not just prize OHs. Or, at least for those of us that qualify, get points instead of the entry in 'prize' OH.

    With the last point adjustments, I have had four OH's in December. Three prize ones, finishing up my qualification for top prize, and then one points hour late last week. In it, I reduced 91% a total of 2.999 KWH at Platinum bonus level and a 70 streak for a whopping 783 points. $7.83 in December. a payout of 87 point/kwh before bonuses.

    When I check the system today it says 130 MWh saved of goal. At 10 MWh, a week, this is going to go on a long time. Let alone there are now 30,000+ qualifiers for the semi-weekly drawings.

  • CraigWCraigW Member Posts: 49

    Well, I received notice that I will have a prize OhmHour tomorrow. Great, first OH three weeks and its a pointess Prize OH.

    Yippie, an OH where I get essentially nothing. There are 10,161 people qualified for the $100 Target cards, provided my data by Feb 3, I'm have an expected value of $0.009.

    Maybe I'll get lucky and get the $100.

    Even more concerning is the fact that we seem to only be at 148MWh of the 1000 MwH goal.

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