Ohm hour - wrong day?

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Hi, I just received a text message today, Monday Jan 14th at 4:57pm. It states "TOMORROW #OhmHour Monday from 5 - 6PM! Check out your forecast and plan how to save. A dirty power plant is gearing to fire up. Give it the cold shoulder by saving energy. Tell us how you're saving: https://ohm.co/4957fc5".

What day is the ohm hour? I did not receive any notification yesterday so I'm assuming the error is on the day of the week (it should be Tuesday) however when I log into the website it states the ohm hour is on Jan 14th; today! What day is this ohm hour?


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    OhmHours are different for all users and depend on location. Obviously something is wrong in this case so reach out to support and they'll ensure that you are not adversely affected. Use the "Contact Support" button here:

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