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Problem connecting to ohmconnect.com from Texas?

redwardredward Posts: 2Member

My brother in Texas has been having trouble connecting to the site the last few days. I had him change DNS servers, and he still could not reach the site.

Any idea what might be happening? I'm having no trouble in California.


  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoPosts: 1,558Member, Moderator

    You are talking about connecting to www.ohmconnect.com right? What happens? Does he get a 404 error or something else? How's he attempting to connect? Can he access the site from his cell phone? If he cannot resolve the name from his computer, perhaps his ISP is blocking access for some reason.

  • keltonrealakeltonreala Posts: 31Member
    edited January 21

    @UkiwiS @redward I also haven't been able to connect to www.ohmconnect.com for the past few days. No 404, just a generic "This site can’t be reached" page. This happens on both my laptop and my phone. When I pinged the site it shows "request timed out" every time. I thought the site is down but it sounds like you guys can access the site without issue. I will check with my ISP to see if they are blocking the site.

    I can connect to the forum, just can't connect to the web app.

  • keltonrealakeltonreala Posts: 31Member

    Update: I can connect to the web app now. Not sure what happened between Friday and Sunday when I couldn't access the site. Glad to be back.

  • redwardredward Posts: 2Member

    My brother was able to connect again today. Very weird.

  • NlindsayNlindsay San Diego Posts: 78Member

    @No Pain No Gain is having the same issue. For her, Both the website and forum show "This site can't be reached. Ohmconnect.Com took too long to respond."
    @redward @keltonreala was there anything you tried that may have fixed it? Or was it just working again all of a sudden?

  • keltonrealakeltonreala Posts: 31Member

    @Nlindsay @No Pain No Gain @redward I got that same message between Friday and Sunday. I tried again on Monday before calling my ISP just to be sure it was still happening, but the site was able to load for me. I didn't change anything so I am not sure what the issue was. @UkiwiS When I pinged the site, it was able to resolve to a valid looking IP address, but all the requests timed out.

  • NlindsayNlindsay San Diego Posts: 78Member

    @No Pain No Gain said she finally was able to reach the site... weird stuff goin on lol :#

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