No Ohm Hours Recently, while Neighbor recieves them

nlaceynlacey Member Posts: 27

Just curious if there's any reason I haven't had an OhmHour since 12/27, while a neighboring relative(who is also my OhmHour Buddy) has had three in that time. My Ohm Hour Timing is set as wide as theirs, so that's not the issue. I also notice that their dashboard shows the module for voting on the next ohm hour, while mine does not.

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  • nlaceynlacey Member Posts: 27

    lol...timing. Finally decided to inquire here about no ohm hours, and same day get a notice for an ohm hour. I still think it's weird that I'm getting so few compared to a house next door, but at least I know I can still get one.

  • NlindsayNlindsay San Diego Member Posts: 108

    My last two OH's were prize OH's on 12/28 and 1/15... its just winter time slowness. Maybe the OH voting module is somehow related to your buddy having more OH's. Its hard to tell what determines who will get new features first, maybe its random.

  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    If it is as random as this, then when would you earn buddy points?

  • nlaceynlacey Member Posts: 27

    During the summer the ohm hours matched up to the same day most of the time, so we did earn buddy points. I expect that stuff to taper off in the winter, I just found the disconnect in frequency between the two neighboring houses curious(like whether something was preventing us from getting hours at all...though that's clearly now not the case).

  • ortega.cameronkortega.cameronk Member Posts: 15

    My last OhmHour was also 12/27. I chose to opt out and waste my streak shield for the first time in years because it was a Prize OhmHour, and we had lots of people staying in our house for the holidays. My last real OhmHour was on 12/18. Still no notice of any more coming.

  • SFPowerSaverSFPowerSaver SFMember Posts: 44

    We appreciate the details Sam! Thank you

  • sdaec2gmsdaec2gm Member Posts: 26

    Havent had an ohmhour since 2/21. Strange?

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