No points or no update

I have been registered on Ohm connect from last year, but so far have not seen any point after participation in program. Any pointer ??


  • ortega.cameronkortega.cameronk Member Posts: 15

    Ohm Connect is trying a new system called Prize Ohm Hours, which don't award any points but instead give you a tiny chance of winning a big prize of some sort. It's Ohm Connect's way of trying to keep it interesting during the winter months when they hardly make any money. Although I don't like the system, my advice would still be to participate in the Prize Ohm Hours every time and reduce your usage as much as possible. If you can get your streak up to 10 and your average saving up really high to get you at Platinum or Diamond Status, you can make a good chunk of money when the summer comes around and Ohm Connect starts offering lots of points for each Ohm Hour again.

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