Can you please recheck my "ohm hour" usage results for February 15th from 7pm to 8pm. I ask because I made sure that I shut off all my TVs, & computers and even lights during my ohm hour. On previous times my actions lowered my usage to between .09 -.15 kWh. Even when I forgot about my Ohm hour on 2/6 I still only ran up ..52 kWh. So I cannot see how it is possible that my results for February 15th from 7pm to 8pm could have been .48 kWh. I have two active & connected Smart Plugs that run an auxiliary freezer, a TV, dvd player and stereo receiver. Did these not get automatically shut off on your end during my ohm hour?

Thanks for your time


  • cwiedcwied San MateoMember Posts: 141

    Have you tried the "contact support" button in the help section of the website? This is the forum section, so you're less likely to get support from OhmConnect here.

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