No more notices

What is going on? For months now I do not get notices anymore? I just realized opening the fridge that my appliances are turned off, but I am happily watching TV, cooking, and baking, washing clothes, and all lights are on. I AM GETTING TIRED OF THIS!!!! Are you really trying to make me quit Ohm? Also, please do not send me a pre-recorded messages again. I am close to quitting, something funny is going on here. Sad, sad , sad.........something is not right!!!!!


  • Hi. I took a look at your settings page, and I see you have your times you'd like to receive #OhmHours set to end at 7pm. A lot of our #OhmHours take place around 8, which is why you might not be getting many events. If you change that to around 9pm, you should start getting more #OhmHours.

  • sdaec2gmsdaec2gm Member Posts: 26

    I did, still nothing

  • sanjaramissanjaramis Member Posts: 6
    My settings are 4x per week. I have only receiced one mega 2 hour this summer. I have received less than 3 Ohm hours all summer long. Not even enough for contests. I like no dirty power but the incentives are not good anymore. You are not alone and it is not individual settings. I am insulted that they try to make it our fault.
  • sdaec2gmsdaec2gm Member Posts: 26

    It is far from what it used to be in the beginning. It's almost not worth the trouble anymore

  • CKWMCKWM Fremont, CAMember Posts: 243
    Yeah, I have my settings set to receive OhmHours up to 4x/month. My last OhmHour was on October 1st. Has anyone in the 94536 zip code had one recently?
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