Points and Prizes

When you are locked in and successfully complete a prize hour. Do you also earn points? I just don't feel like I am earning anything. Last week I was out of town and shut my power off, the only thing on was the fridge. I kept my streak at 33 but I feel like I am earning nothing. Starting to not think this is worth it to me.


  • ortega.cameronkortega.cameronk Member Posts: 15

    Prize Ohm Hour = No Points. You're not alone in thinking it's not worth it. Almost everyone hates the Prize Ohm Hours, but you basically have 3 options:
    1. Leave OhmConnect for good.
    2. Quit now and come back in the summer without your streak or a strong status like Platinum or Diamond.
    3. Wait it out until summer and cash in with big multipliers from your streak and status then.

    It's not ideal, but there isn't much OhmConnect can do about it since power companies really don't need them during the winter.

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