Way over the forecast.

How is it possible that I was suppose to be over my forecast when my situation during the Ohm hour is always the same. Everything is turned off. I have purchased a HALO emergency bulb that only consumes 9 watts and I read during that hour. So I was shocked when told that I was over.


  • John KJohn K Lake Forest - Hikers and Bikers TeamMember Posts: 585

    @birgittr, what does your utility report? They tell OC what you used. Forecast and usage numbers?

  • shawn-kleinsmithshawn-kleinsmith Member Posts: 23

    Check you power usage values... PG&E reported “estimate” numbers for me for a few weeks that were WAY more than I used. They listed ~4 kWh when I used 0 kWh. Funny thing is that we were in multi day power outage so PGE knew better too. I am still trying to get Ohm to fix it.

  • Brad MooreBrad Moore Member Posts: 11

    I doubt they will ever fix your issues. I have been trying to get my issues fixed for months.

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