baseline boost - does it apply to prize ohmhours?

dslaidslai Member Posts: 30

I almost have enough tokens to purchase a baseline boost. But I'm wondering first if it would apply to prize ohmhours. I've had 5 prize ohmhours in a row, and a baseline boost to increase my forecast to 5kWh is really useless for prize ohmhours since you only need to beat the forecast goal for such ohmhours and there's no incentive for how much you beat it by. I only want to have a baseline boost applied to ohmhours that reward points. Is this how baseline boost works or it can also get applied to prize ohmhours? Since we don't have any control whether our next ohmhour will be a prize one or not, if a baseline boost can get applied to a prize ohmhour, then I'm not going to purchase it and will probably purchase a streak shield instead.


  • CKWMCKWM Fremont, CAMember Posts: 243
    I personally don't think a streak shield is really necessary anymore since streaks are capped at a payout of 100% bonus now. In the past - before the streak cap, people were trying protect their streaks that we're ridiculously high (the highest I saw from July 2018 was from Sylvester who had 141 OH in a row awarding him 705% bonus reward). Later, in the summer when there are several OHs per week, you can build you streak back up to the max pretty shortly if you can be consistent.

    I also think that if you're spending close to what you'd need for a baseline boost, go for the boost - NOT FOR PRIZE. You're absolutely right that you're not getting anything more if your forecast goes up, so save it for a time when you're going to awarded a cash incentive.
  • dslaidslai Member Posts: 30

    So should it be possible to purchase a baseline boost after an ohmhour for points has been scheduled but hasn't started yet and have it applied to that ohmhour? When the documentation says that a baseline boost applies to your next ohmhour (, does it include ohmhours that have been scheduled but haven't started? I just don't want to get caught in a situation where I purchase a baseline boost, but out of my control, it gets applied to a prize ohmhour.

  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoMember, Moderator Posts: 1,625

    @dslai I was always under the belief that you couldn't cherry pick it like that BUT others have said they purchased the boost card after being notified of an OhmHour and it worked for them.

  • Daniel PrimichDaniel Primich Member Posts: 22

    @dslai Yes, I used a baseline boost several months ago (10/16/2018) in the way you described (after the announcement, but before the actual event). Before the results came in there was no indication that the card was applied to that hour, which had me a little nervous, but when the results came in the boost was indeed applied. In the token marketplace it said the card was active after I purchased it. I can't promise this hasn't changed since then, but it seems like the only reasonable way for the card to work.

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