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Did anyone respond to the survey saying they love Prize Ohm Hours more than 'Points' Ohm Hours?

BstringBstring North SD County CoastalPosts: 84Member

What I wanted to convey but couldn't because of how the survey was structured, my preference is to receive the most points possible over the year. I believe most people participate for the very same reason, for the highest yield. Prize ohm hours are a 'nice to have' and better than nothing, of course, but this is how I would rank the different ohm hours from 1 to 10.

1) Mega Ohm Hour
2) Ohm Hour - like the good old days
3) Community Ohm Hour - I have no knowledge of Ohmers in my area and no control over their participation. This sounds like an exercise in frustration. Won't every area have the one poor performer, statistically? who remains anonymous.
10) Prize Ohm Hour - fine, but never should replace a real ohm hour.


  • jserramcjserramc Posts: 335Member

    I think the people on this forum are more interested in non prize hours but we represent a small portion of the participants so the results are very skewed

  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoPosts: 1,607Member, Moderator

    @Bstring I think the community thing is good and it's an add on meaning an additonal "multiplier" is being added to the formula. If the community don't meet the target as a whole the individuals who succeeded still get paid.I'm not a fan of the highlight wording as it's confusing and WILL cause confusion.

  • amstrak0amstrak0 Posts: 1Member

    Agreed. My past 5 Ohm Hours have been Prize which means I'm getting nothing (except "a chance to win"). And I don't think my community is large enough to receive the Community Ohm Hour.
    Prize Ohm Hour is not enough incentive to do better.

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