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Community OhmHours

dslaidslai Member Posts: 30

I thought I would start a new thread on Community OhmHours (https://www.ohmconnect.com/faq/participating-in-ohmhours/new-community-ohmhours) where questions can be asked and knowledge about them can be shared.

I'll start off with some questions. So I received notice of an upcoming Community Ohmhour. The email for it mentioned the following:

Your goal: use 0.298 kWh or less
Community goal: 218 neighbors beat their goal

But nowhere in the email or in my account on the web site does it list what my forecast is. For this Ohmhour, the web site shows the following for it:

Where can my forecast be found? It is a bug that it doesn't seem to be listed anywhere? Even the page at https://www.ohmconnect.com/faq/participating-in-ohmhours/new-community-ohmhours doesn't show any examples of what the forecast is for this type of Ohmhour.

Also, I assume that as long as you beat your assigned forecast, your OhmHour streak is preserved even if you didn't beat your assigned goal. Is this correct or does one really need to beat the assigned goal to preserve a streak?


  • UkiwiSUkiwiS San DiegoMember, Moderator Posts: 1,625
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    Sounds like a bug to me but not 100% sure as I've personally never had one either. The #OhmHour is today so those numbers will definitely change after the #OhmHour. If you click on it and scroll down do you have the typical graph that shows your usage at that time over the last few days? Here's one of my recent #Prize OhmHours...

    My understanding of these Community OhmHours is that the only difference between these and regular OhmHours is that there are additional points at risk and you have little control over whether or not you get those points as it's dependent on others. If YOU beat your forecast you will get the same points you'd typically get but if the community as a whole meets the goal you all get an additional bonus. You can only do your bit and if the community also pulls together at the same time you'll get the additional points. If the community don't pull together you don't get that community bonus but you'll still get your points.
    @samklee please chime in if my understanding is incorrect.

    Six months ago before the streak bonus was capped, some of us were getting a lot of points as we were on streak bonuses of 600%+. This couldn't last as the points distribution was skewed towards long timers with long streaks, favoring those who had "figured it out" long ago. Now we have a level playing field and the opportunity as a "community" to get some additional points based on the involvement of the community as a whole.

  • dslaidslai Member Posts: 30

    I think I understand the Community OhmHour concept pretty well. I just want to know where to see what my forecast # is for it. Is it something that can only be seen after the OhmHour is over? I have a similar graph in my Community OhmHour page, which shows the following:

    It doesn't have the forecast # in it either, but it's also not shown in the screenshot of your example graph.

    The only thing being communicated to me is what my goal # is and what the # of neighbors for the community goal is. But my goal # should not be the same as my forecast #. I understand that I can earn points by beating my forecast # and I can potentially earn more bonus points by beating my goal # if enough neighbors also beat their goal #.

    Come to think of it, I don't remember now if the forecast # is given beforehand for Prize OhmHours either. Looking at past emails sent for Prize OhmHours, I don't see any forecast # provided as the emails only mention the goal # need to qualify for the prize drawings. In the detail page of my past Prize OhmHours, it does show the forecast #, along with the prize goal # and my use #. I can't remember though if the page showed the forecast # before the Prize OhmHour started or only after they ended to show the results.

    Looking at my past emails, I only see that the forecast # has been communicated in them for regular OhmHours.

  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    I've not gotten a community ohm hour but all my prize , regular, and ohm hours have shown my forecast and my goal before it started. I've also gotten different goals for the same event. I contacted OC on this and they've asked me to send them a screen shot if/when it happens again.

  • dslaidslai Member Posts: 30

    So my Community OhmHour results are in, and still, there is no mention anywhere of what my forecast for it was.

    The part about "Not enough of your community beat their goal, so no bonus points will be awarded" is also incorrect as the community goal was in fact reached (required 216 neighbors to beat their goal and 239 achieved this). The results breakdown does correctly show the points earned from reaching the community goal.

    I hope someone from OhmConnect is reading this to note these issues.

  • NlindsayNlindsay San Diego Member Posts: 102

    @dslai said:
    I hope someone from OhmConnect is reading this to note these issues.

    I havent seen much of OhmConnect on here lately...
    I say contact support directly so maybe they can fix this stuff early on (fingers crossed)
    Hey, atleast you did get the bonus points though!

  • dslaidslai Member Posts: 30

    So I got a prize Ohmhour recently (results of which are not yet available) and confirmed that the forecast # and prize goal are given before the OhmHour starts. The forecast # is only provided in the details page of the Ohmhour on the web site and not in any email. The prize goal is provided in both emails and the web site. So looks like the problem of not providing a forecast # is only for Community Ohmhours.

    I did send a message to support about the various Community Ohmhour issues I've seen and got a response about a week later basically saying that they know they are some issues with these type of Ohmhours and are trying to fix them.

  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    OC now says they try to answer your requests in two hours....I emailed them yesterday and although it wasn't two hours for response, it was the same day.

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