Venstar thermostat is no longer supported?

I bought a Venstar T3700 WiFi thermostat specifically because is was supported by OHM. It connected properly and has been controlled wirelessly by my myself and by OHM during OhmHours for about 1 year, until a couple of months ago when OHM control and status stopped. I can still control it myself using the Venstar app, BUT OHM tells me that they no longer support Venstar and they only support the NEST thermostat. Is anyone else having this problem and has anyone found a work around?


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    @bobsimmo, just an idea, but if you have Alexa functionality, you might check and see if IFTTT can trigger Alexa by using the OhmConnect Service to trigger Alexa. Or, an easier approach might be to just use a TP-Link smartplug on your furnace to turn it off -- most of the time the furnace supplies power to the thermostat, so when the furnace turns off, so does the thermostat. You'd want to make sure the thermostat resets properly when the power is restored by the furnace, but the Ecobee works well this way and it cuts a significant power drain from the furnace and the thermostat . . . 35W if I recall.

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    Thanks for the suggestions John K. I like the first one but Alexa does not accept action type services. So IFTTT cannot command Alexa to change the thermostat settings even though Alexa can via voice commands. Your second suggestion would work using a smart wall switch. My furnace power run through a regular wall switch. But i'm not excited about doing that. I'll just wait until the "smart" services get smarter. Thanks.

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    I have the same problem and I think it’s ridiculous. They need to continue to support the devices they sold through their store. Their support people suggested going through IFTTT but Venstar/Skyport isn’t there so it’s useless. It’s extremely annoying.
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    I've had a Venstar on ohmconnect for some time. They sent me a Hive package that included their thermostat. I hated it, so I tried to remove it and get my trusty Venstar back online. I've entered my info a bunch of times, only to get "unknown error". Requests to OhmConnect for any kind of help are ignored. They have no phone number that we can call, saying everything gets done through messaging, which they ignore. So what''s the problem? Why won't they answer?

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