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I signed up in January and cant seem to get connected under [email protected] Multiple times I have disconnected my SDG&E utility, waited a week, and reconnected it, and it still is not showing as connected. I have sent multiple screen shots multiple times showing that it is authorized and connected on SDG&E's end, but yet still on OHM's end, it states I am not. I even bought the stupid energy wifi plug. Multiple messages to support over the course of time get no response. This whole experience is awful. Just today, I sent another new message, and the SAME guy responds back asking how can he help, yet didn't even read my question from the previous interaction with him, which still just shows "5 days ago message not yet seen". Absolutely terrible experience.


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    Is this something you can help with?
  • I'll take a look shortly

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    Please call me 2092713990
  • dark247dark247 Member Posts: 4

    Still havent gotten any help with this situation. My previous messages STILL havent even been read, from weeks ago.

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    @samklee Did you look into this already?

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    Having received NO help, even after emailing Ohmconnect/tp-link/kasa/ {How does one even know whom to contact?}, I really am READY TO QUIT, unless someone can tell me why I shouldn't. Here's my problem:

    I have 7 or 8 smart plugs that are no longer functioning. They were all working for several months, until we had to reset our router and change the password. Now the things don’t work, and no matter what I try, they still don’t work. It’s just pure luck if I manage to “beat my forecast”: I go around the house unplugging everything I can think of and hope for the best.

    I do not understand why there isn’t a simple step-by-step procedure for “starting over,” in case the setup fails, as it has in my case. Using my phone only adds to the burden, since trying to keep it up-to-date on which Wifi network is the correct one is a nightmare: My system “sees” a whole bunch, only one of which is correct; and when I try to “connect” my Tp-Link plug to that network, it just doesn’t happen: it says it’s “connected but no network” or something similar.

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    You need to perform a reset on the plugs and join your new wifi network. Have you done that?

    Are they HS110 or HS105s or something else entirely?
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    I have already attempted to do both things with no success although I can't say for certain that I've done them correctly. Directions for such procedures are sadly lacking!
    They are all HS110.

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    I'm not sure if these will work or not but this is what I would try.

    1. Disconnect all HS110 devices from Ohmonnect using this link
    2. Open Kasa App and delete all devices in the list.
    3. Reset HS110 plugs and add them back into KASA (Reset instructions
    4. Login to OC and click on the devices TAB
    5. Reconnect using your KASA account credentials
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    Still not getting any help. I definitely cannot recommend this service to ANYONE. Got a message stating that I was platinum and it was fixed, logged in, and still have the same message. Responded back to Scott letting him know, and never heard back. Sent a new message, and still never heard back. It is literally mind boggling that no one from Ohm connect follows through or helps out

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