What's the scoop on you getting paid from SCE so you can pay us?

lengoldsmithlengoldsmith Member Posts: 1

You say that you haven't been paid, from SCE, in 8 months. That seems like a long time to have a dispute with them. Why aren't they paying you. What are they telling you? What does the PUC say regarding SCE not paying you? What is the next step?


  • Brad MooreBrad Moore Member Posts: 11

    Ohm Connect is scam, don't you see?

  • Estherrios15Estherrios15 Member Posts: 1

    I believe it's a scam,I turned my power off all the way on several hours and I went over? I got you ohm,the rich get richer! How could I have went over when I turned off my power? It's strange that since I left a comment about you scamming us and now every hour they are saying I went over hmmm doesn't sound right to me.And you have giveaways of money yet nobody is getting paid,does that sound right? I have a list of more than a 100 people that also think it's a rip off,thank goodness for teams because you set me up with a good one because they are going through the same thing like me but they have decided to go to Court.

  • tassielmurdocktassielmurdock Member Posts: 7
    What ever came of this? Did you get paid?
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