Has anyone else noticed their reported data is way off and Ohm Connect doesn't care to help fix it?

I am extremely frustrated with the lack of support on this site. For the last 2 months +, all of our Ohm Hours are showing bad data and it has significantly impacted us. Is anyone else seeing an issue like this?


  • imhmherreraimhmherrera Member Posts: 3

    I am right there with you on lack of support and I have had it with this program BUT how do we disconnect from this is the question since I see no where on my site for opting out! I have sent several emails with no reponse regarding inaccurate data which I know can not be correct because most of the time i turn everything off in my house including appliances and leave for the ohm hour and I still run over- How does that make any sense?? it doesnt but like you no response to this question. If anyone knows how we disconnect from ohm please advise. thanks and have a great day.

  • mburton7mburton7 Member Posts: 2

    If you are with PG&E since Saturday 6/22/19 they have been sending over estimated forecast usage to OHM at least for me which I can prove from my account on the PG&E website. This resulted in a failed hour on Sunday (lost my 100% streak) and most likely will happen again when PG&E sends over estimated usage again for the mega I had on Monday. Waiting on reply from support. Maybe I should not hold my breath.

  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    Notices on the site indicate OC is aware of the PGE glitch. Just hope that they fix it correctly and soon!

  • SFPowerSaverSFPowerSaver SFMember Posts: 44

    I've noticed my estimated data for Sunday was fixed on PG&E's site and also fixed on my OhmConnect account for the Sunday OhmHour.

  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    mine too but it says my buddy did not meet forecast so no buddy points. However I've seen this problem before and it often gets fixed. Fingers crossed...

  • Heather R. WeatherHeather R. Weather Member Posts: 125

    I think this happened for SDG&E too... my buddy got negative points after sitting in the dark! Never fails to meet goal...something is up.

  • lindsey-tuckerlindsey-tucker Member Posts: 1
    I've had several inaccurate readings 4 ohmhours & I've sent them the pge data which proves it & I get no reply. I want 2 unenroll but can't figure out how.
  • shawn-kleinsmithshawn-kleinsmith Member Posts: 23

    I have been trying since Feb 2019 to get my data fixed. Used 0.00 (power outage due to storm) and PG&E estimate said otherwise. Page has since corrected it, but ohm connect has not yet. Did not impact shield but did not pay out properly. Have been told that they are working on it and they lost staff member that would have taken care of the issue. Still waiting on resolution.

  • No Pain No GainNo Pain No Gain 93035Member Posts: 404

    SCE told me today they have been estimating my data since April, so ALL of my OhmHours since then have been epic fails, even though I flip my breakers. This affects OhmConnect, too, since they don't benefit by my saving energy for an OhmHour. SCE is sending someone out next week to look at my Smart Meter, but can't restore data, so for the last few months, I've lost my points, my status, my streak... everything! It looks like I'm not the only one. OC should be more concerned about this since they are also losing.

  • tassielmurdocktassielmurdock Member Posts: 7
    I believe if you want to quit the program you just don't participate any longer. What I would do is go in and put your on vacation so you don't lose your status. I believe I read some where that you could do that. Maybe then ohm connect will get it together if they have people dropping out or not participating. I guess I've lucked out cause they have gotten back to me usually within 48 hours on any issues I've had. I've got an issue right now where it says I'm on streak 11 but it should be 12. Minor compared to you guys but those are points that add up.
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