New tp-link AC750 (RE270K) WiFi range extender does not link up to Ohm.

duffeywolvinduffeywolvin Member Posts: 18
edited May 2019 in Troubleshooting

Pretty simple really, it shows up in the devices page (along with my smart plugs). The extenders just show as 'connection issues', even though I have authorized (and just re-authorized) the Kasa app.

Just sending this up as a possible issue- I will be able to unplug everything manually tonight.

Oh- I should also mention that this is a smart plug also- it just looks like the bigger oval smart plugs with an antenna loop on it...


  • duffeywolvinduffeywolvin Member Posts: 18

    Just to update- there have been a couple of firmware updates, and the reliability of the WiFi has gotten better. They also still always show up correctly in the Kasa app, but not in Ohmconnect

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