Reorganizing this board - thoughts / suggestions?

I'm sure many of you thought the forums have dwindled into near uselessness? (No offense taken.) What would you like to see on the forums? It's an open brainstorm, so no idea is a bad one.


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    It is a constant cat and mouse game to utilize this site. When I open the page I have to click on recent discussions to see if there are any new posts. Sometimes they are highlighted, other times not. After i read a given post, I cannot go further unless I click on recent discussions again, find somehting I want to read, repeat process. The articles are not listed chronologically for what I may have already viewed. So I am forever scrolling through all the topics to see if ther is one I may have missed. When I have finished reading, I have to go back to the top of the page, click on home, then go to the next area. I think most users are not aware of the forum as you first have to get to help in order to even know it exists. Maybe there is a more organized way to do this but I have not figured it out. And as many have said, realizing someone has responded to a post you have made, whether it was today or months ago, does not seem to be anything that this page advises you about. Also, the checking in and getting tokens for messaging your buddy are not consistent in awarding tokens. It seems you have to do your checking in/messaging 24 hours and a minute apart. Ther is nowhere on the site I have seen this addressed by OC. I asked about it and another reader told me. Even contacting OC about it numerous times, all that happened was my tokens were adjusted (thank you). Please consider a clock that resets at midnight. That way if I check in today earlier than I did yesterday I will still get credit and not have to wait until the last time I did this.

  • CKWMCKWM Fremont, CAMember Posts: 243
    Is there a way to integrate the search "key words" tool with the subject line of users wanting to create a new post?

    For first-time users who may be unfamiliar with searching 1st to see if their question may have already been addressed in a past post, is there a way to suggest the top 10 most "relevant" posts pertaining to the user's topic before starting a new post?

    I have been guilty of this.

    It would have been nice to allow us to see if we just need to read what the discussion had been in the past before posting a new thread on the same topic.

    I think incorporating this tool will help guide us to where we want community answers, and allow new topics to stay at the top of being actually new and fresh.
  • thank you @CKWM and @jserramc, I agree with the pain points you have highlighted. I'll do my best to fix those.

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    Re-organize by different groupings ie electric car lovers and chargers, smart plug & home fanatics, newbies, veterans, etc
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