Cannot get below my forecasts

I am having sporadic issues with the PGE forecasts being completely unrealistic. For example: this last week I was forecast for a level of use that would have required me to unplug literally everything in my house except for my lights. I unplugged all of my big energy user (chest freezer, mini hot tub, fridge, TVs, fans), did not run any water (electric well pump), and literally left the house when no lights on. The only thing on was two portable air purifiers and the clocks on the oven and microwave. How in the world am I supposed to get under forecast? This keeps happening and Ohm customer service tells me the forecasts are realistic and the meter readings are accurate (although I've now had two ohm hour results switch from over forecast to under). Where do I even start? PG&E? Just stop taking it personally? Drop out altogether? It's so frustrating to "go over forecast" in my tiny house when my energy guzzling neighbors in their mcmansions just have to unplug a few appliances and stop charging their cars.


  • cwiedcwied San MateoMember Posts: 141

    The thing to realize is that "demand reduction" implies a change. If you already are very efficient in the way you use energy, it's hard to reduce enough to see a big benefit. The best way to get forecasts you can beat is to make sure you pick the time periods when you usually use the most electricity as the ones during which you participate in Ohm Hours. Make sure that your available hours in OhmConnect are set to those hours.

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    One thing to look at is shifting tasks that consume a lot of electricity (running the dishwasher, dryer, AC, etc...) to times that you typically get Ohm Hours. This will increase your forecasts while keeping your overall electricity usage constant. For example, most of my Ohm Hours are Monday-Friday 5pm-9pm. So I know that if I need to do any of those tasks, I should save them for that time period.

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    I have solar and knowing that my inability to control the consistency of the sun while it's up has me pushing my OhmHours request times to after 8pm - where I know I'll be using the most amount of energy.
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    I had a goal of 0.085 kWh for Wednesday’s Mega OhmHour. I use so little apparently that I just flipped my breakers. I have also invested in battery-powered lights that you can put up anywhere. This way, during OhmHours, I can still study.

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    I cannot beat my forecast. For example this last one was 0.423 and I used 0.740. No matter what I do. I’m not running my air conditioner (97 degrees outside), not using any appliances, most things are unplugged. There is literally nothing else I can do other than see if flipping my breaker will work. It’s really not feasible with kids doing college classes over summer. They use a lamp and their laptops. It seems like the fact that we try to consume non stop hurts us here. I need to use more to get more?
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    I see lots of post about low use customers unable to benefit from the OhmConnect program... BET NO RESPONSES TO FROM Southern California Edison.
    Not sure I should even sign up!?!

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    I have low forecasts and I have solar. I try to use more power during times I have typically gotten OH (8-10 PM but a few megas have been 7-9 PM) the few days before. That way my forecast is in the higher bracket. When ohm time comes, since my forecast is based ont he last 2 weeks (or so), my running the washer or oven etc the days leading up to the event helps make my forecast easier to acheive. (This method was harder when we had 3 events in 4 days but I was still able to beat my forecast). I don't think this is really the best use of this program since the whole idea is to reduce, even if only for the one hour, but it makes it a win win for me. Lately my OH (esoecially mega)have netted me between $8-10. May not sound like much but when my typical PGE bill is $10 (basically the service charge since I overproduce my solar), earning $10 each time pays my bill for several months. Plus the climate credit so overall my yearly bill is usually a credit. Prior to OC even with the climate credit and pay back for over producing my bill was zero so the $100 or more I'm getting from OC is pure gravy. So if you are a low user and you are wondering, it has worked for me.

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    My forecast was 0.305 kWh this past Wednesday 9/4/2019. I cannot use any less unless I unplug my refrigerator which I will not do. We have no A/C, no appliances running, & just a low power LED TV. Those of us who have already eliminated wasteful consumption have no chance for a reduction.

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