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Wrong usage data received by Ohmconnect

edited June 2019 in Troubleshooting
I’m a diamond member of Ohmconnect and have 128 in row of ohmhour saving record, I participated every ohmhour earn points every time, my average usage during ohmhour is 0 to 0.04 kWh since May 2019, but since May 2019, all the usage data received by Ohmconnect are wrong , because I did participated on ohmhour and turn off almost everything in my home that use electricity, I also did turn off the main switch on the last ohmhour , I have a real-time meter which can showing the real-time usage , so last ohmhour my meter show “Zero” usage since I turned off the main switch, but Ohmconnect receive data from SCE said I did use 1.366 kWh, but which is no-way to use that much electricity with main switch turned off, so anyone with Ohmconnect experience with same problem and any advice on how to fix it?? I did contact Ohmconnect but no help !! Too bad 😩
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