Is ZERO notification for a Mega Ohm Hour a Mistake or Part of the Plan?

Today is Tuesday, June 11. I was on my dashboard and happened to notice that I'm "In" for a Mega session of 2 hours that started within minutes. We never recieved a text or email about it. We've powered down and are 15 minutes in but there's still no notification. What's the deal? Our last Mega Ohm Hour was just a couple days ago.


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    It is not a mistake but you have to remember this progam exists to support the grid.
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    It was odd because the dashboard showed a 2 hour Mega Ohm Hour for June 11. But there was no notification at all. And today's dashboard no longer shows a June 11 event. We powered down anyway because a transformer across the street from us exploded a few days ago. So we're making a habit of powering down during the evening hours when people are running all their appliances.

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    I was given 30 minutes notice for the 2-hour mega hour for San Diego. Thankfully all smart plugs worked. Back to back after having one on Monday....Making it really difficult to have a home life if these are going to be every single day. Please nothing for today!

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    @Heather R. Weather Highly unlikely that you'll get 3 in a row. That has never happened to me. Since 1/1/2017 I've experienced OhmHours on consecutive days 12 times. Others might have a different experience.

    You can change your availability settings so you won't be included if there is another one today. You can also Opt Out.
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    This is a post from a couple years back discussing 20 minute notice for events in SDG&E territory.
    (Sorry the link to the SDG&E article is no longer working)
    Basically, they were asking OC to provide grid relief with notifications of 20 minutes.

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    It sounds like some people received notifications 30 minutes before the event, but some people didn't receive any notifications at all even though the event showed up on their dashboards. Was that just because of the short notice OhmConnect received from the flex alert and the email/SMS services couldn't send out all the notifications in time?

    On a separate note, the 2 hours mega event on 6/11 has now disappeared from my dashboard. Why? Is OhmConnect removing the entire event, even for people who did save energy during that period?

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    @UkiwiS said:
    Since 1/1/2017 I've experienced OhmHours on consecutive days 12 times.

    Did all the consecutive day events happen during summer? Did they all happen during flex alert time? Were you able to receive notifications for all the events when you had consecutive days OhmHours? I didn't receive any notifications for the event yesterday, just trying to figure out if it was due to the flex alert or due to it happening on consecutive days. Thanks.

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    Here's the dates. I cannot see past FLEX alerts to draw any conclusions....most (the last 10) occurred in the summer months.


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    @UkiwiS cool, thanks!

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