Not comfortable with fridge being off for three hours...

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First three hour OhmHour ever tonight... fridge food is supposed to keep for four hours IF YOU KEEP THE DOOR CLOSED... I've got kids who go into the fridge without thinking. So I try to keep them out but I am not comfortable with more than 2 hours. Problem is that turning on for the third hour eats your savings from the first two hours as the fridge works to bring everything back to temp... I've got a connected plug. But I think I am going to exclude it from OhmHours, and then manually set Kasa to turn it off for the last two hours. That way when the fridge goes nuts cooling down again, it is after the OhmHour(s).


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    Does your fridge have a linear inverter compressor?

    If it does, don't include it in OhmHours. It'll take more energy to spin it back up after OhmHours than to just leave it running.

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    @dthatcher7 3-hour events are rare. I think ive only gotten maybe one or two in the last 2 years that ive been a member. If you have a french door fridge you can do what I do and tie a kitchen towel around the 2 handles. It serves as a reminder and a deterrent...

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    You could also leave the breaker on for the fridge and just take a loss over the hours it's all about balancing flip the rest of the power off leave your fridge on your electricity should be less than you turning it off and back on but you can find out if you have the energy monitoring on your smart plug
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    I was 40 minutes late turning the electricity off should I be fine
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    @dthatcher7 Hi there - thanks so much for your comments! Please note you do not have to connect a device to your refrigerator to turn it off (or manually turn it off) before an #OhmHour. Also with regards to 3 hour events, we rarely see those and these are usually issued to us by the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), which in turn we offer to our users as a chance to save energy for an extended time period. These extended #OhmHours are only offered if the CAISO informs us the energy grid is extra stressed - this is usually during peak summer times of end of June or July! Hope this helps :)

    Ash from OhmConnect!

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