I have four TBDs, one that is now a month old, and have contacted the company with no help.

I kept getting TBDs on my Ohm hours. I now have four in the past month. I contacted the company numerous times with only being told it would be looked into. I have sent over five emails with the same one liner. A month later, nothing was accomplished. I would miss raffles and the prizes they advertise because they did not upload results from my Ohm hours. Is anyone else having this issue? If so, how did they get it resolved?


  • jeff-kowalski-ohmjeff-kowalski-ohm Member Posts: 2
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    I currently have one TBD on from Sat 8/10/2019. Today is Wed 8/14/2019. It was for a MegaOhmHour, so I was looking forward to the credit.

  • jserramcjserramc Member Posts: 351

    maybe you'll be going to the happiest place on earth....

  • jeff-kowalski-ohmjeff-kowalski-ohm Member Posts: 2

    Now I've got three TBDs, but see in the support section that there's a data delay from PG&E since 8/9 according to @[email protected].
    He'll be posting updates to that thread: https://intercom.help/stealthohmconnect/en/articles/2924563-pg-e-data-delays-leading-to-tbd-from-8-9-to-present

  • madan9125madan9125 Member Posts: 5

    Hi guys!

    Ash from OhmConnect here. Unfortunately, as @jeff-kowalski-ohm mentioned, PGE is facing several data delays in pushing your #OhmHour data usage results to us, which is what we showcase to you guys on your dashboard. We appreciate your patience during this time!

  • ktkelnerktkelner Member Posts: 6

    Nope, this is a scam. I can't wait for my article in the San Diego Union Tribune on this company. Since May, I have "been a member". I've connected muliple times. made it so my SDG&E connection is "ongoing", no one returns my emails, and their "spin" is a scam. I doubt anyone has gotten any cash back.

  • ktkelnerktkelner Member Posts: 6

    If it was "delays in data", it has been five months. No one responds to my emails, or if they do they say to reconnect, make sure the authorization with SDG&E is "ongoing", etc. But no one with the company actually fixes it..

  • daniel-sidelskydaniel-sidelsky Member Posts: 22

    Yup, my OhmConnect was working fine and then stopped giving results for OhmHours mid-August. I just checked today and it now says "Whoops! Looks like there's an issue with your utility connection. Fix it so you can get paid for saving energy!" My utility connection is working fine, and I've even tried disconnecting and reconnecting my utility connection with no change.

  • Aaron MerrillAaron Merrill Member Posts: 1

    Exact same thing happened to me - stopped in mid-August and now I am getting the same: "Whoops! Looks like there's an issue with your utility connection. Fix it so you can get paid for saving energy!" message.

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