Why am I "disconnected" from my team. Why can't I rejoin my team? Team tab is missing.

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Since "Recent Discussions" is completely broken on this forum, I'm reposting this as a question.

I've been "disconnected" from my team, where my Team tab is now missing.

I can refind my team, but "Join" button literally does nothing. As in clicking it forever, it just stays there, and nothing happens. It may be the backend system thinks I'm still on the team, but the UI doesn't. However, I'm told by team members that I'm no longer on the team list.

I have messaged CS, but Sam first denied my team exists, then didn't respond for days after I showed him screenshots of it did, then he claims this is a known problem. Yet, I see nobody posting about this being a problem.

Anybody know what's going on?

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  • NuShrikeNuShrike Member Posts: 10
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    I just checked and now just as mysteriously, without any announcement nor notification, I can rejoin the team I was on.


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