13 hour OhmHour, 45 minutes notice...

JoeyBJoeyB Member Posts: 7

I was just notified of a 13 hour OhmHour, "TODAY #OhmHour Friday from 11 - 12AM! Make sure to save energy for the entire 13 hours.". A few questions:

  • Did anyone else receive something like this? Several co-workers enrolled that I used to be sync'd with did not. Is this a mistake?
  • This says both "Today" and "Friday". Should I read this as "It starts today (Thursday) and ends Friday"? In that case, I was given a 45 minute notice to reduce for a 13 hour window?
  • Am I going to lose my streak if I don't meet this? I have a streak of 162 (I know it doesn't matter past some smaller number now, but it's a matter of pride) and it is really lame to have this thrust upon me. This is over 4x the length of the rare 3 hour savings window.

I dunno, kind of in shock.


  • JoeyBJoeyB Member Posts: 7

    Just got another text, that was a mistake =) Whew

  • NlindsayNlindsay San Diego Member Posts: 108

    @JoeyB I applaud your composure and willingness to still participate! Now thats dedicated! :D Lol i wonder what the payout would be for an event like that. You should post a screen shot of the email...

  • shawn-kleinsmithshawn-kleinsmith Member Posts: 23

    Event = show me the money! I would LOVE to get one of these.... especially if a Mega.

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