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Does anyone know how the Forecast Estimates are determined? We recently moved into a house that was empty for a few months. Is our energy forecast based on the usage that the house previously had OR does our usage follow us? I ask because I think the forecast is REALLY low. We have sat in the relative dark and have STILL gone over our forecast. I'm still trying to get a handle on the usage in the bigger space but since we have moved in we have gone WAY over the forecast and I'm bout to quit because I'm tired of trying to figure it out. I have lost SO many streaks and points. Very frustrating


  • cwiedcwied San MateoMember Posts: 141

    The forecast for weekday OhmHours is simply the average of the usage during the same hour on the previous 10 non-OhmHour weekdays. For weekends, it's the average on the previous 4 non-OhmHour weekend days.

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    I don't know what else to do to fall within our goal, aside from flipping circuit breaker! It's frustrating.. I went around the house and unplugged everything except for the refrigerator and modem. Turned off porch lights, turned off power strips and left for a walk for that Ohm hour. Turns out... Our usage was HIGHER than a previous night that we didn't unplug anything, Just left the house for the Ohm hour. I took those extra steps, kept 3 kids entertained outside and the results were worse. What gives?!?!?
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    probably your utility data was incorrect and will likely be adjusted over next few days. You seem to be doing as much as you can. I unplug my fridge (food will stay cold with door shut--even 2 hr events do not affect my contents). Not sure how much power a modem generates. Also check your data with your power company. If still a discrepancy contact OC with info. But the last 2 events (6/23 and 6/24) for me were skewed. You might have a forgotten power monger that accidentally got left on.

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    @jserramc said:
    Not sure how much power a modem generates.

    My modem and router use about 0.025-0.035 kWh per hour.
    I always shut off my fridges, because you know if I left them on, at least one would decide that OhmHours are a perfect time to run the defrost cycle... 😒 lol

    @sahmina82 My guess is that OhmConnect is getting incorrect or estimated data from your utility.

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