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As above, I just lost a 33 Ohm streak sfter unplugging everythign in the house. There are three LED's built into outlets, a Cox DVR, and the Cox router / WiFi. This uses .015(ish) per Ohm hour but I just was told I used 1.9 Kwh in a dark house. Is there a way to get an investigation here or from SDG&E?


  • duffeywolvinduffeywolvin Member Posts: 18

    OK, I just got off the phone with SDG&E (My dashboard only shows per day, not hour), and they agree I seem to have been using basically nothing. The helpdesk said that they can see use before and after the hour, but less than .1Kwh during.

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    Check the usage with your utility (Texas has a site where you can look up your smart meter's readings). If the meter says you used 0.1kWh but Ohmconnect says you used 1.9kWh, then contact Ohmconnect.

  • duffeywolvinduffeywolvin Member Posts: 18

    Thanks for the idea- on mobile I can't see hourly, but maybe on the desktop site I will be able to.

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