"Mega Summer" has been going on for over 3 weeks, haven't seen a single one

There's a huge announcement on this forum and on the dashboard about winning awesome prizes for "Mega Ohm Hours" during "Mega Summer starting June 3". I've now had three different Ohm Hours since then and they've all been standard non-Mega ones.

Is my state (Texas) not eligible or something? I've literally never gotten anything other than a normal Ohm Hour. No Mega Ohm Hours and no Prize Ohm Hours.


  • daniel-sidelskydaniel-sidelsky Member Posts: 22

    Update: the day after posting this I got my first Mega OhmHour for tomorrow. Not sure why it's so soon after the last OhmHour on 06/25, but I'm not complaining.

  • SpartanracerxSpartanracerx Member Posts: 7
    Check your ohm hour availability your availability will affect how many ohm hours you get like me I put mine 24 hours a day that I'm available for ohm hours also it could be that because California has the fire risk they may be concentrating on California but I could be wrong a lot of energy companies out here I think are panicking over the planned blackouts and since ohm connect only makes money off of the energy companies the energy companies are trying to lower usage to prevent fires supposedly but again I could be wrong because ohmconnect is only two years old roughly they are still expanding I actually didn't even know that they started in Texas I thought they were California only anyways make sure that your ohm hour availability is maxed out so you can get the most ohm hours when available
  • James KerrJames Kerr Member Posts: 5
    I had maybe a couple ohm hours this summer. I use to get them weekly. Asked the question in support almost 2 weeks ago and they dont even respond.
  • bestresearbestresear Member Posts: 1

    I have not received any ohm hours for the month of July. I look at my results and it says there was one on July 24 but I never received notice. We have 2 phones that we get notified of ohm hours and have not been receiving them. Jeanne phillips

  • KmlinKmlin Member Posts: 1

    I haven't received ANY mega-ohm hrs for this entire summer because the email keeps saying that my grid was stable. When the heck are they coming?! I live in LA and the heat wave has already passed!! This app is becoming very disappointing.

  • sanjaramissanjaramis Member Posts: 6
    I too, have not received ohm but a few ohm hours. I guess they don't need us anymore. I don't understand why they want us to invite more people when they have so drastically cut the ohm hours. I am not a very happy camper this summer!
  • sanjaramissanjaramis Member Posts: 6
    It's the same in California. We finally got an ohm hour this Friday. Just in time for summers end. We haven't made enough for one contest. Last year we had more ohm and mega in 2 weeks than all summer this year. And it isn't the settings. Shame on everyone referring new folks for any reason other than cutting dirty power. 1 summer contest for how many people in how many states?
  • yblackfordyblackford Member Posts: 2
    I have seen team ohm hours this week for Sunday, monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but didn't get invited to participate in ANY! I'm bummed since we aren't home and was excited to try the fully automated shut down of our devices. They aren't showing up on my dashboard. But that means I didn't get any this week.
  • cynthia4u2ccynthia4u2c Member Posts: 1
    I, have gotten less than 10 ohm hours since I began this & They didnt send me notification of a few of the OHM HOURS & I looked in my account * saw I had finally got a MEGA HOUR But I wasnt notified so that Caused me to go way over my forecast & I lost all my points not happy at all
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