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meganjoy708meganjoy708 Member Posts: 1
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Well, I first emailed OHM Connect help on May 22nd because my status is not leveling up. I have saved 76% on average over my last 19 OHM hours, am on an 18 streak and yet my status is still at silver. I am still participating but my points are obviously a lot less than they should be because of this. Very disappointed that it has been over a month of requesting the issue be fixed (today is June 27) with no solution from OHM Connect yet. What gives? How can they expect people to participate when they don’t accurately award points?


  • SJCESJCE San Jose,CAMember Posts: 11
    Try 3 months for me. They don’t care!
  • SD ChipSD Chip Member Posts: 146

    Have the same problem. I received a note from Scott, saying they are trying to get more engineers on board to fix their code.
    Please, do not hold your breath on getting this fixed any time soon.

  • howdy-goudeyhowdy-goudey Member Posts: 1

    Also, my status level dropped for no reason. At the end of June, I abruptly went from Diamond to Silver even though my savings remain much greater than 80%. The status pane on my dashboard shows 10.27kWh forecast and -15.08kWh used, displayed as 100% savings with Silver status. I have not earned any status points for the last 3 Ohmhours. Despite the additional Ohmhours that happened, the forecast and savings numbers have not updated. It has been over two weeks and my status level question has not been resolved. I received one email a week ago that they are working on it.

  • jordanmarsjordanmars Member Posts: 1

    This has been going on for months for me as well - dropped from Diamond to Silver for no reason and have missed out on a lot of points. I have contacted them about it at least 3 times with no resolution. What is going on?!

  • Adam WasserstromAdam Wasserstrom Member Posts: 2

    I've been in the same boat for the last year!!! Last summer, I was dropped from Platinum to Silver status for no reason and was told "We'll look into it".

    It still hasn't been fixed (should be Diamond status now) and CS has ignored all my attempts to figure out what is going on. It shouldn't take a year to fix this problem.....been missing out on a lot of points as a result.

  • SD ChipSD Chip Member Posts: 146

    I now show as "Diamond" status, however I am not getting any points for my status...

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