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PGE BLOCKED CASHOUTS? [update:ohmconnect error on cashouts](being worked on)

SpartanracerxSpartanracerx Posts: 7Member
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anyone eles who has PGE getting "PGE Payments Blocked!
PGE has blocked payments for OhmHours." when you try to cash out? not SDC.


  • robinnrodriguezrobinnrodriguez Posts: 1Member
    I noticed this too. It undermines the point of the program. You can’t use the points for anything, not even store credit. Are we supposed to wait until winter to cash out?
  • sstlaurentsstlaurent Posts: 1Member
    I emailed to ask for clarification because they were pretty quiet about it.
  • deborah-abdulladeborah-abdulla Posts: 1Member

    I got the same message. Hopefully it is something they can fix soon, otherwise it is not worth the effort.

  • ms-redwdms-redwd Posts: 1Member
    edited July 2

    THIS IS HORRIBLE!! I just noticed it too and came here to see if anyone else was having this problem. I guess I will still reduce my power for my normal bill. I will do it when I want too now not when there is any timed OHM hours. Why bother? I agree with Deborah and Robin above.

  • SDTulipSDTulip Posts: 2Member

    SDGE is blocked as well.

  • jojor88jojor88 Posts: 2Member

    Keep us posted on what they say about the cash out.

  • Qwantom MekanicQwantom Mekanic Posts: 30Member

    These energy companies pay Ohm Connect to get their customers to reduce energy use and now they block the payments that are the incentive to reduce said energy use? This is BS on highest order.

  • SpartanracerxSpartanracerx Posts: 7Member
    So update on the cash out I guess there was an error in the programming on ohm connect side so Cashout is down for maintenance right now. I think that anytime that ohmconnect is not being paid they need to pause on hours until they are paid further because with Summer being hot and California already approving blackouts it's going to be pretty bad this summer I don't blame ohm connect if people realize big businesses don't want to pay out on small businesses but it should be on ohm connect to pause hours during non-payment so it's fair to the customers and keep customers updated immediately I understand they are a startup company but you upset customers when you don't keep them up-to-date immediately rather than waiting 8 months or more now like I said I like ohm connect it's a good program I think they just need to be transparent sooner that way customer support them rather than attack them but with all start up businesses it's a learning curve unfortunately many startup technology businesses such as Uber Lyft doordash GrubHub and Postmates eventually take advantage of the drivers to line their pockets fortunately and hopefully ohmconnect doesn't change their policy about 80% to customers.
  • jserramcjserramc Posts: 285Member

    I was able to cash out (PGE) today so you might try now.

  • GregoryGregory Posts: 27Member

    SDGE still not working. Have contacted support a few times for help. Looks like they have now escalated to engineers but it has been a while that I cannot cash out.

  • GregoryGregory Posts: 27Member

    @Gregory said:
    SDGE still not working. Have contacted support a few times for help. Looks like they have now escalated to engineers but it has been a while that I cannot cash out.

    @samklee do you happen to have any updates on the SDGE cashouts? I still can't do it and have been emailing back and forth with support with no luck.

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