How are forecasts calculated if the 10 weekdays prior are not yet reported from PGE?

I got results from the mega when the prior days were not all yet reported. So my points are " estimated"? There seem to be ways things are done until they aren't. Are we changing rules based on convenience? I can't seem to figure how things are calculated, different every week!


  • cwiedcwied San MateoMember Posts: 141

    This happens from time to time. There's a gap in the data and one of the days used to calculate the forecast is missing but the OhmHour day itself came through. Usually this gets fixed after a few days and the numbers adjusted as appropriate. If you cash in your points before it's calculated and the forecast was too high, you can end up with negative points afterwards, but that doesn't really matter since you'll probably earn that back in the next OhmHour anyway.

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