Welcome new Powerdowners

Mary_Sean_KorkosMary_Sean_Korkos Lancaster Ca 93536Member Posts: 46

Hi and welcome to Powerdowners.
Unplug or smartplug we reduce our footprint one #OhmHour at a time.
Powerdowners team members access:
to give, ask for, share encouragement, suggestions, comments, gripes, and sharing successses ( bragging rights) all welcome to be posted here.
This is where you will find all the big and exciting things happening with our team.
PLEASE Set your notifications to allow email or text notices from this group. Bookmark this page as well for easy access.
ALL Powerdowner challenges and winner announcements can be found here.
You may post a question, make a statement, or comment, share your energy saving stories right here in Powerdowners group. This a team communications page. Need help finding info, or where to find something, try asking here, If I dont know I`ll find out for you. If a members has an issue or question, please feel free to answer, or leave a suggestion, or comment as well. For any reason whatsoever. I will also be an advocate for any issues you may experience with #OhmConnect.
These are POWERDOWNERS challenges only, from Mary_Sean_Korkos (team captains). Created and awarded by Mary_Sean_Korkos for our Powerdowners teammembers only. Again welcome to Powerdowners , we look forward to saving energy, and watching it payoff for all of us.

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