Incorrect data from PGE

cmhowald616cmhowald616 Member Posts: 2
PGE has had some kind of issues with their data and I lost 2 ohmhours, one being amega bonus, bc of it. When I go to pge account for those hoursot says 'estimated' for June 23 and there is NO DATA at all for June 24. I've contacted CS more times than I care to count and still haven't received even a response.
Also, after that I stopped receiving notices about new ohmhours or are they just not doing them anymore???


  • Geni WisnewskiGeni Wisnewski Member Posts: 1

    have you ever heard back, I am experiencing the same issue, I had a MEGA hours on sunday 8/25 and my power was completely shut down, and PGE sent OHM an estimate of usage which was extremely high and I lost out on my MEGA money, points, raffle, and streak and OHM is not helping with the issue at all I am fuming over it this is not right PGE should NOT be sending in estimates and OHM should not count their estimates especially when it's an unreal amount of power that was estimated that we used. I wonder how many others are losing out on these and if OHM and PGE are in this issue together so the OHM customers lose out on money and streak bonus points.

  • Alex LesterAlex Lester Member Posts: 2

    I am having the same problem and it has happened now for three OhmHours, one of which I lost on (I had a streak shield that was used but I fear my next one be a loss also and then my streak will die). I know I am not using the amount of energy that is being "reported" because I turn off my air conditioner during the hour, which usually runs most of the hour during the time slots. When I go to my SCE usage data, the information they have is "estimated" so I don't know why OhmConnect is using that data.

    They used to not report the information until it was "official". I remember waiting about two weeks once for the info to report. I would rather have that than what is currently happening.

    I hope they do something about this soon!!!

  • hledgecombhledgecomb Member Posts: 1

    Did this resolve correctly for you? I had the same problem with this most recent Ohm Hour.

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