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Max points per Ohmhour

My results for my last Ohmhour just came in and I got a negative adjustment with a asterisks saying maximum points that can be earned per Ohmhour is 2000.


  • gtsangmobilegtsangmobile Posts: 6Member
    Pretty upset at all my hard work getting a streak, getting diamond status and going from 9kWh to 0 by turning off the breakers.
  • Daniel PrimichDaniel Primich Posts: 21Member

    Contact Ohmconnect. There is a soft cap at 2000 points to avoid overpaying (they had some issues previously of users with negative energy use getting overpaid). I've gone over 2000 before, and they adjusted it after I contacted them.

  • gtsangmobilegtsangmobile Posts: 6Member
    Thanks, I will give that a try
  • shawn-kleinsmithshawn-kleinsmith Posts: 21Member

    It happened to me once. When questioned About it, they fixed it. I was told was old restriction since lifted. I have had over 10000 points with a 2 hr mega. Yes = $100.00 for one 2hr event.

  • gtsangmobilegtsangmobile Posts: 6Member
    Ya I had 10515 points for the mega Ohmhour two weeks ago but got all the points for that, but just earlier this week the normal Ohmhour I earned 4700 and they only gave me 2000 points...
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