Support ignoring their bugs...

SJCESJCE San Jose,CAMember Posts: 11
Why is OhmConnect ignoring their system bugs and ignoring their customers? I’ve been platinum for 12 weeks but due to a bug it’s been stuck on silver. I’ve reported it 5 times and lost all 2x bonus for 12 weeks. I keep getting told we’ll get back to you and hear nothing until the case gets closed randomly.

Also spin to win showed I won 3 times but they never allowed me to collect claiming a glitch. I sent screen shots and even agreed to take 1/2 or 1/4 of the prize. Each time I’ve been ignored.

I have up on this but the status is ignoring as why make all the effort if they won’t fix the system.


  • hayjude777hayjude777 Tehachapi Ca.Member Posts: 54
    Me also, except Scott sends a automated message response, saying all is good, and nothing changed, I've been with them for years, and I'm Diamond but they had me as bronze and now silver, and there's OHMs hours that I participated in but they never showed up on my page., I think something's going on and someone is stealing from the company, I would like to see an audit and investigation to see what's up.
  • TamalTamal Member Posts: 7

    I have a similar status issue and I am not getting any response to my chats. Email to support bounces back.

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