How will an electric car change my Ohm connect status?

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Still in the looking stage but considering an electric car. When it is charging, how much power is used? I have solar, wondering if powering during day vs night is realistic? Right now I over produce solar and am not on TOU (time of use) (at least I don't think I am). I guess once I get it going that my energy use will skyrocket and may affect new OH for first few weeks. Thanks for your input. sorry I am new to this electric car party.

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    @UkiwiS --Utility PGE, don't know the NEM . I'm talking with PGE about some of this. Confirmed I am not TOU but says I could change to it and that some users find it to be more cost effective. Wow you are saving a lot. My normal monthly bill is the service charge, about $10 which right now is covered from climate credit and over production credits. I'm happy to get all the gravy from OC (maybe $150 a year) and hoping that the choice for an electric car and the charges connected with it will be cost effective. sounds from most that it is. Plus some EV cars offer free charging for 2 years so if I got that car and used their offers I would not see any major change for 2 years.

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    @UkiwiS found message thanks

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